Hire Me! 'Styled by Modestly Fashioned'

Tips & Tricks: 
An hour-long conversation at the location of your choice to discuss your style and image goals and create a customized shopping and styling strategy that showcases your unique personality.  I will guide you with tips and tricks based on the gaps in your wardrobe allowing you to better utilize what you already have and develop an original and enhanced style based on who you are.  *For out of town clients, this conversation can easily be done online.
$25 per session

Closet Organization:  
If you are feeling overwhelmed by your closet and are in need of a full closet organization, this service is for you. Together we will go through your closet and decide which pieces work with your body type, which items have overstayed their welcome, and which pieces really define your personal style. From there I will organize your entire closet by style, color, texture, seasonal and so on, store what can be saved for later and feature what should be showcased! The goal is to maximize your space and make sure you are surrounded by pieces that you love. This service may take 6 or so hours depending on the project.
$150 for a 4 hour session {$25 for every additional hour}

Personal Shopper:  
A day of shopping with your own personal stylist. This day will be determined by the strategy we have established for you, a budget that you feel comfortable with, and stores that we have mapped out together. I will help pull items for your body type and help to fill the gaps in your current wardrobe. I will offer honest criticism and help you invest in pieces that enhance your personal style without wasting time. The day will conclude with a visit to your closet so I can help you incorporate these new pieces into your wardrobe.
$150 for a 4 hour session {$25 for every additional hour}

Styling Your Closet:  
A 2-3 hour meeting to maximize your wardrobe and help you build outfits from what you already have. Together, we will “shop your closet” and identify pieces that you would like to wear more, wear differently, or just can’t quite figure out how to wear. My goal is to create outfits that fit into your everyday life while remaining timeless, sophisticated, and chic.  The entire process will be documented so that you can reference your new looks and embrace your new personal style! 

$100 per session

Are you looking to find the perfect dress for an upcoming event? Have a trip and need a few outfit ideas? I offer personal E-Consulting to help you find exactly what you need on a budget! This service is offered solely via email and typically takes 2-3 business days.

$25 per hour of work {varies according to project}

Shopping List:  
Do you have items that you are ready to invest in but don't know where to start? Hand your shopping list to me and I'll send you a detailed shopping list of where to purchase your items, images of the options available, and give you tips on how to integrate these items into your wardrobe!

$25 per hour of work

 Please email me at modestlyfashioned@gmail.com to schedule your consultation.

NOTE: All in-person services will have to take place in the South Florida area unless additional arrangements are made.