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Same Blog, New Look!

It's fiiiiiiinally happening! I'm moving this little blog over from blogger to my own website! I have been talking about doing this for about two years but life/work/general lack of know-how (leading to lack of motivation) has always managed to get in the way.

Well not any longer, my friends! In a surprising technological feat, I've managed to design my own website...which is huuuuge for me because sometimes I feel like a senior citizen when it comes to technology.

{ironically, I'm sure there are plenty of actual senior citizens that know significantly more about website development than me...but be that as it may...}

I thought long and hard about hiring someone to design for me but I always kept coming back to the idea of figuring it out on my own. Consider this the 'ultimate DIY' blog, LOL! But seriously...using power tools comes easier to me than sitting at my computer going back and forth between draft and preview looking at every little detail...

{also, I have a super patient husband who has answered about 2,478 questions so far!}

Sooooo...this is it! My little corner of the blogosphere to share with you. So please be patient with me as I work to transfer my archives over. It's gonna take me some time.

Also, if something's not working right either here or on the mobile site, please reach out and let me know! I'm still learning over here so I can definitely use the feedback!



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